Promoting Business With Face Book Profile

Promoting Business With Face Book Profile

Promoting Business With Face Book Profile

    Promoting Business With Face Book Profile

Face Book is simple, powerful, promoting and engaging tool. Through Face Book free pages, one can connect with billion of people, businesses.

Creating A Business Page:

For creating a Face Book page, you should have a personnel Face Book profile. Both can be managed separately. Follow these steps to create a Face Book page:

  • Logging in to your Personnel Face Book account.
  • Click on the “Down arrow” on the top menu of Face Book.
  • Select “Create Page” option from there.

An alternative way is in the left corner, look for News Feed then click on “Pages” in the upper right, click on green “Create Page”.

  • Selecting Category:

Face Book offers you a wide category of pages, choose the one that fits according to your business. Some of them are:

  • Local business or place.
  • Brand or product.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause or community.
  • Artist, Band or public figure.

A dropdown list will appear in some of the above categories, For instance, a company page will give you several options as choosing specific industry, biotechnology, cargo, travel or something else.

The name of the company or brand for which you are creating page will be noticeably on the top. From this name people will be able to look for you.

Creating a page for “Cause or Community” is the easiest one as it does not have any dropdown option.

For a “Business or Plan” page, you will have to enter the name of business, page category as “tea shop” with the mobile number and address also.

  • Adding A Profile Picture:

Adding a profile picture to your account is the first step after creating your account. If you cannot decide which picture you should add, you can skip this and do this later. You can change the profile picture at anytime.

The profile picture is shown in the left corner, and after that will be your business name. You can use logo as well. If you are a known personality your own picture should be preferred.

Click on “Upload Profile Picture” after selecting the picture.

  • Uploading A Cover Photo:

The next step is to select an image as your cover photo. The cover photo is the large image that is shown at the top of the page. It is the first thing that people see about your profile.

You can skip it as well like Profile picture and upload it later. The minimum width and height of your cover should be 400 pixels and 150 pixels respectively. In a laptop or desktop’s web browser the image is of 820 x 312 pixels and for mobile phones the size of images is 640 x 360 pixels.

After uploading the image, you want to use as your cover image, click on “Upload Cover Photo”.

  • Adding Content To Your Page:

You will become the Admin of your Face Book page after completing the introductory steps. You can add new content, post photos, messages, moderating conversations and many more.

For making your page successful and popular, try to post the content that is unique. Post on topics your followers are interested in, they want to read and so on. Post the content that is informative, friendly, related to topic.

  • Promoting Your Professional Page:

After completing all the necessary steps for creating a page, share the link of your page with your friends, family members, clients etc. inspire them to visit and like your page. Announcing your page is optional, but it is first step in promoting and launching your page on social sites.

The users will see a new content added in their news feed, if you post photos, messages, videos or make announcements.

Some other ways to promote your page are listed below:

  • Adding the URL of Face Book business page in your Email signature, help people to know about your page who don’t use Face Book much.
  • Promote your Face Book page on your business websites.
  • Posting high quality of content, make people share your content on social media, with their friends and family members.
  • Add the URL of your Face Book page on letterhead and business cards.
  • To promote a specific announcement or post on your page, use Face Book’s paid advertisement feature to place ads for publicizing your page.



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