Guidelines to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Guidelines to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Guidelines to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Guidelines to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces. Opportunities for small business owners are also offered by Amazon, among them Amazon affiliate program is very famous.

With Amazon Affiliate program small businesses and individuals both can make money. Amazon Affiliate offers you several tools as analytics and marketing for maximizing your earning potentials.

Here are some tips you can use before becoming an Amazon affiliate program:

  • Logging In:

Scroll at the bottom of the Amazon homepage. Start by clicking on the “Become an Affiliate Link”. A page filled with information related to Amazon Affiliate Program. To get started click on the “Join now” button


  • Submitting details:

Although the form is lengthy, but it very simple and easy to fill. As official profile, the information to be added should be correct and appropriate. Add only personnel details.

Many of the affiliate programs ask for your website details, to have an idea about your website traffic. So as Amazon affiliate do.

The next step is to fill the profile form. It includes things like, store ID, Mobile app list, website lists and much more.

  • Verification of identity:

Amazon asks for a phone number, for verifying your identity. The number is used by Amazon for an automated call. A pin number is sent to the phone number you have entered, the automated call will ask you to verify that pin number and that’s it, you have verified your identity.

  • Payment method:

The last in creating an Amazon associates account is selecting the payment method. Either you want to make the payment now or later, some payments options are as:

  • Check 15$ processing fee for international associates.
  • Amazon gift card.
  • Direct deposit (which is not available for international associates)

After completing the registration process, access to Amazon affiliate platform is allowed by Amazon, through which you can get affiliate links for the products.

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