Affiliate Marketing 3 Ways To Start Business

Affiliate Marketing 3 Ways To Start Business

Affiliate Marketing 3 Ways To Start Business

Affiliate Marketing 3 Ways To Start Business

Amazon Affiliate program is the most popular program that is highly trusted by users. A site needs approval to have direct links from Amazon. Having a website and affiliate marketing program lead you to build your audience. Listed below are 3 major ways to get started.

  • Creating A Group Or Page:

The best option to create your audience is by starting a Face Book page or group. For running advertising campaigns, you will need a page. For the growth of a page, you should post consistently, although it takes time, but it is very beneficial as your follower are interested in updates and new stuffs.

Asking your friends to like your page is quite ok, but don’t focus much on the numbers. There are many videos which has many likes but zero traffic, which has a very poor impact.

Post what your followers want to see, researching on similar pages can be very helpful in this case. Prefer photos, videos over links.

Add links in the “About” section of your site. For having an affiliate marketing with huge traffic from Face Book, try to post 3-4 times in a week and be punctual to this schedule.

  • Face Book Advertising:

Face Book advertising is one of the most popular and famous for advertising. Getting more likes on your posts, boosting your posts, sending traffic on your sites are the most popular and beneficial methods.

For long term business plans, one should focus on growing the audience, which is very important and key feature. Targeting the audience perfectly, can make Face Book advertising cheap.

One should start from a post that is eye-catching and people find it interesting and unique.

  • Using Your Profile:

You can sale to your friends and family members, as many people don’t want to see your offers, they are looking for some photos, posts and news from you. You should try to find people in niche, contact them personally to build trust and strong relation.

One can use his personnel profile as a page by commenting on all topics relevant or irrelevant, this will also make traffic for your account.


Some people try to use links everywhere, believing that people will buy their products that is a wrong thinking. Affiliate marketing do not work in this way. For making sales try to help people in solving their problems and issues. Show them the products that can help them in resolving their issues not by sharing your links everywhere.

Try your best to avoid spamming.


Face Book is one of the best platforms to create audience, but you should know how to use in positive and profitable manner.

My recommendation is to start with Face Book page, create and post unique and consistent content. Make is shareable so that your followers can share it on other sites and social media as well.


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