Using Face Book live for You Tube Channel’s growth

Using Face Book live for You Tube Channel’s growth

Using Face Book live for You Tube Channel’s growth

Using Face Book live for You Tube            

              Channel’s growth


Face Book live is one of the most popular and amazing features of Face Book, which is very beneficial for You Tube vloggers. It allows you to start a live streaming video, which is broadcasted directly Face Book page for your followers.

Face Book live helps you in the growth of your You Tube channel’s brand and does not takes much of your time. It is unimaginable tool for engaging your audience with your You Tube channel.

Listed below are few tips, for Face Book live one can use for the growth of You Tube channel.


  • Hosting Q/A streams:

One should give time to his viewers for thinking he questions, they want to ask from you before you start a Q/A stream. Tell them about the streaming in advance for making it more powerful and effective.

Face Book live streaming can be promoted by letting the audience know when they should login, in the comment section, they can ask questions from you. One does not have to move through all the questions that some one has already asked and leaving some one who just come to know about your live stream.

This will help people to ask according to the flow of your video and questions that other have asked. This will be helpful for your Face Book live streaming.


  • Collusion with other Vloggers:

Cooperating with other vloggers on Face Book helps in increasing the traffic on your channel. Face Book live is very useful in this matter, sitting with other vloggers and streaming a Q/A video will be very enjoyable for the audience as both of you will be giving their opinions and share your personnel experience.

Any topic can be chosen for the video, publicize it on Face Book as we do for our You Tube channels.

  • Creating Live Vlogs:

Another important feature of Face Book live that you can use a part from hosting Q/A streams is to create live vlogs for your followers. Real time channel related vlogs can be created but none of your You Tube content will be shown. This will motivate them to check your Face Book page on regular basis for latest updates and visit your page again.

The question arise here is what type of content should be broadcasted? You can do any type of vlog you like, according to your interest. For instance, Beauty vlog, cooking vlog, gamming vlog if you are interested in games so on. You have never-ending choices for the topics. Live videos also offer you a chance to connect with your audience and answer their questions at the same time you are vlogging.

  • Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes is one of the best things which your audience is looking for. They want to see how you prepare your videos, how the content is created, the things you use for making vlogs and so on.

Behind the scenes is an entertaining thing for the audience. The viewers come to know about the viewership of your You Tube channel. Before you start your vlog, live streaming can prove beneficial.

Also, you can tell the audience about the things you use or analyzing some items you will discuss in your vlog etc. It also helps in building buzz before you upload some new video.


These are only few of the tips, for using Face Book Live to collaborate with the audience of your You Tube channel. Try to create and design something genuine and interesting. Make the best use of the platform. You can make your audience entertain in several ways by sharing some informative things with them.



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