Tips vlogger Making money with You Tube Channel

Tips vlogger Making money with You Tube Channel

Tips vlogger Making money with You Tube Channel

  “Tips vlogger  Making money with You Tube Channel”

Google AdSense is not the only one way of earning money from You Tube, there are several tips ne can use for making money from his You Tube channel, which are as:

  • Making money with Google AdSense:

As a creator of a You Tube channel, advertising is one of the most popular way of earning and making money. Google AdSense proves very beneficial for making money with your You Tube channel.

AdSense is a very effective and helpful program that targets your viewers and helps in earning money. Read and try to understand all the information related to AdSense, how it works, what to do when AdSense is showing ads in your videos and all basics of this program.

  • Creating and selling eBook:

A You Tube channel should share informative and in-depth details about a topic. For making money with You Tube channel, eBook is one of the best options. If your followers are appreciating and liking the advices and opinions you give in your videos, they are satisfied with your skills and agree that you are an expert.


  • Making money with Sponsorships:

Making sponsors for your channel is quite easy. One should have some information about the likings and interests of their followers and have a basic knowledge of what which types products should be used, and which products are best to choose.

High quality of sponsorship proposal offers you a connection with right brands, for getting You Tube channel’s sponsorships.


  • Stating a blog:

The publicity of a You Tube channel can also be increased by starting blogs. Signing in with Google AdSense, for a blog you can bring in ad revenue.

Partnership with brands can be made, if you are determined in Affiliate marketing. Start selling branded merchandizes, writing sponsored reviews or by selling direct advertising. Try to make money with your You Tube channel’s brand with an ally blog.

Selling branded clothes:

Advertising is not only the one way of making money vlogging. One way of making earnings from You Tube channel is by selling branded clothes.

Create an online store of your channel, use your official logo. Sell t-shirts, hoodies, caps, top tanks etc. Your followers will be excited for wearing your branded clothes, which will help you in growing your You Tube channel as well.

  • Selling Merch:

Distributing caps, shirts, cups and other branded merch, that you will like to design for your community, it will not take much time of yours.

Focus should be on the designing and marketing which can be done by using POD platform that helps you in taking care of your inventory and distributions as well.


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