Tips for You Tube Gamming Channel

Tips for You Tube Gamming Channel

Tips for You Tube Gamming Channel

      Tips for You Tube Gamming Channel

Many of you already know that You Tube have many gamming channels, you might have followed them for clear levels you couldn’t. A lot of contribution must be made for starting a You Tube gamming channel. Thousands of people are making You Tube gamming channel or watching their streaming. These 5 points can prove helpful for a gamming channel beginner.

  1. Creating a unique experience:

Creating a gamming channel in which you are playing games, without commentary and input, is not that much appreciated by people though some people will like it but most people will not found as interesting. They can switch to any other gamer’s channel without any reason.

Try to add some personnel twist in your videos, it will take time. Give your users a unique and interesting content to choose your channel, this will result in expecting new videos from your channel.



  1. Building presence outside You Tube:

Along with a You Tube gamming channel, one should also keep an eye on the social media. For instance, make accounts on Face Book, Twitter, Instagram etc. use them for the promotion of your gamming channel, provide your audience with the content that is not available in your videos. Try to add bloopers, behind the scenes. Sharing gamming tips and tricks can be very beneficial for your channel.

Post different type of contents at different places. Provide them with the content they enjoy this will give them reason to follow your channel.


  1. Think of it as Marathon:

After starting a You Tube channel, you will not have a huge traffic within nights. Expecting millions of views only for a few gaming videos is like going for a marathon race, think that you are running a sprint race. In other words, want to achieve success and fame in one night will bring nothing to you.

The views and popularity of your channel will grow for sure but it will take time. Sticking on your channel with hard work and true efforts will have positive results.


  1. Maintaining uploading schedule:


One of the most important thigs is to be punctual. After creating a gamming channel, you should upload videos according to some schedule. The uploading schedule should be posted at the homepage and in the video descriptions. Try to be consisted with your videos.

Viewers will come to know the uploading schedule and they will be clicking for new videos on your channel. This will increase the strength of your channel which is very beneficial for your channel. Choose the schedule which you can follow easily and stick to that. One video in a week is quite ok if one cannot upload on daily basis. Random uploading and not uploading according to the schedule have a very poor impact on channel.



  1. Importance of Viewers:

Viewers are the base of your gamming channel, as they like your videos, subscribe your channel. Your videos are shared on different social sites by them, for instance, Face Book, Instagram, and Twitter etc. The growth and success of a channels depends on the viewers.

Building a relationship with your followers help in the growth of your gamming channel. Replying to your viewer’s comment, making videos they asked for, answering to their questions, making an opportunity for them to engage with yourself etc. helps a lot in achieving viewer’s confidence, they will support you which will help in the growth of your gamming channel. Try your best to fulfil all their expectations.





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