Tips for 1000 You Tube subscribers

Tips for 1000 You Tube subscribers

Tips for 1000 You Tube subscribers

          Tips for 1000 You Tube subscribers

  1. Creating Audience Profile:

For getting more views on your channel, you should have some basic knowledge about your followers, their hobbies, likings, age, group etc. This will take some time, but it will prove very helpful for you.

Create a profile of that target audience, by using the information you gathered. To make your audience, interested in your videos try to answer the questions about them. Create the content which the audience wants from you, in which they are interested more.

  1. Ending With Subscriber Call To Action:

As a You Tuber, one of the most effective methods is to end your video with a call to action (CTA). Try to convince your audience to take some actions. CTA is about subscribers, if you want to have more subscribers CTA is the best option. CTA statement should be like:

“If you liked and enjoyed our video, don’t forget to subscribe for getting our latest updates and notifications about new videos”

Try to use different CTA, so that you don’t show your audience the same message at the end of your all videos. Viewers will skip your videos, if you add the same contents again and again, they will get bore of it. So, ty different things to make your audience active by taking different actions.

  1. Creating And Promoting A Schedule:

Designing and publishing a schedule on the home page of your channels offers you a huge traffic and subscribers on your channel. One should decide how many videos he can post and upload in a week and stick to that schedule. This helps your audience to know about your upcoming video. Publish that schedule on home page as well as on other social pages.

Make use of every opportunity that is available to you, for making your audience know about the new upcoming videos, latest updates and much more.

  1. Creating Consistent Content:

For getting more subscribers to your channel. Be punctual to the schedule you posted for your audience. Make an estimation of the time needed to create, edit, write and upload your videos.  Using this information, plan for completing all the tasks, at least one should upload one video in a week.

If you will not follow the schedule, your followers will get disappointed and you will lose some of your subscribers, which will have a poor impact on your channel.

  1. Preferring Quality Over Quantity:

As a beginner, you should not try to upload 3 to 4 videos in a week. If you are busy just stick to upload a video in week that will be easy as said that quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for quantity. In other words, don’t lose the content as it is important, in order to make more videos.

If you will create a quality vlog, who will gain experience and will learn from it. One can make videos in a few steps. For instance, if you are making a video with a setup at your home, in a specially designed room, you may want to keep things in place in between. Other option is to cut down the time which you take for your setup. Never feel pressed, do the work in a n effective way.

  1. Engaging With Viewers:

If you want to engage with your followers, talk to the camera as you are talking with your friends. Instead of using CTA to end a video, ask questions from them, engage with your audience. Encourage them for giving their feedbacks, leaving comments in the comments section, what changes they want in your videos and how they see the future of your channel.

  1. Responding To Video Comments:

Never ignore and leave your viewer’s comment with out replying them. For their feedback, thanks them with regards. If you want people to comment on a video you have posted, ask questions in the comments and let the conversation go in its way.

Your You Tube channel will be stronger, as people will like your content and will share it on other social sites.   Having a great community proves beneficial in having more subscribers and followers on your You Tube channel.

  1. Using Annotations And You Tube Cards:

Annotations and You Tube cards allow you to add links in your videos, which can be used for selling branded merchandize, cooperating with other You Tubers, taking your viewers to other social sites, profiles, blogs etc.

Adding in-video links help you in getting more subscribers by making your video more interactive and offering your followers options to link to other social media sites.

The key feature of You Tube cards is it is visible on desktops, laptops as well as on You Tube apps which adds level of interactivity without the restriction of device your viewer is using.

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