Top 7 Marketing Email services:

Top 7 Marketing Email services

Top 7 Marketing Email services
  •                  Top 7 Marketing Email services:


The most cost-effective tool for small businesses is Email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, a 4300 % Return on Investment is seen in the United Sates by the email marketing for business A best marketing email service guarantees that your emails will not end up in the spam folder. It helps you to create highly engaging emails, track the performance of your email campaigns etc. Success of email marketing totally depends upon the type of software you use. Email marketing can be easily managed and allows you to create a direct contact with your customers. Listed below are some best email marketing services providers:

1.Constant Contact:

Constant contact is an email marketing service that is fastest and the largest email marketing growing service, easy to use and beginners friendly.

Email templates, marketing calendar, contacts etc. van be easily managed. East tracking and reporting, built in social media sharing tools, Facebook ads integration and powerful eCommerce integration for Shopify stores and much more is offered by each account.

Powerful features like Surveys and polls, online donation, email automation, subject line A/B testing for maximizing your open rate are offered by Email plus account.

It (Constant contact) also offers unmatched support with phone calls, emails, community support, live chat etc.

Besides online trading, it also offers in-person live seminars in United States. Small business man can easily learn the basics of email marketing and use it like it a pro to grow their business.




Since Mailchimp offers a free forever email marketing service plan, it is very famous and popular among the people.

It offers easy email builder, segmenting contacts, simple tracking for analysis etc. Both setups are allowed, setup delivery times based on user’s time zone and setup segmenting based on geolocations.

Mailchimp can be easily integrated with WordPress, Shopify and Magneto etc.

As compared to Drip and Convert Kit, Mailchimp is quite limited. Mail chimp tried to add some of the “Advanced features” but on testing, they were not declared as advanced.

Support in Mailchimp is offered by live chat, email and large tutorials knowledge based.

With the free forever plan, you can send 12,000 emails for 2,000 subscribers. Features like spend-time-optimization, advanced segmentation etc. are not allowed since it is limited.  Displaying their branding is a requirement in your mails. Support is bounded to emails only which odes not seems beneficial.

Payments starts from 10$ for one month up to 500 subscribers and increases with increment of 500 subscribers.


3.Sendin Blue:

A complete email marketing and SMS software used for business is Sendin Blue, which is the popularly growing email marketing platform in Europe.

Excellent tools for creating highly engaging emails are offered by Sendin. Easy to drag and drop tools make it easy to use in email marketing for the beginners.

Automation tools for sending email transactions, creating workflows are offered by Sedin Blue, which is also beginner friendly. Best time for sending emails through Al algorithm can also be selected by it.

A free email marketing plan of Sedin offers 300 mails per day. Payment start from $ 25 per month. SMS service can also be added but the billing will depend on the sending requirements.


Professional bloggers, marketers and authors use the most powerful email marketing platform called Convert Kit.

Content upgrades and encouragement with email signup form are offered by it. Auto-responders are easily managed and offers ending drip mails.

Convert Kit allows to make divisions between the interested and who have already purchased, which helps you to increase the automated emails.

Email based support, considerable knowledge base with a lot of learning materials is offered by Convert Kit.

It is ranked among the top email marketing services for professional bloggers since it has some special designing features for creators and bloggers.

A free 14 days trial is available, payments can be made for month pricing $29, and 30-days refund policy is also available.



eCommerce, bloggers and marketers use Drip, as it is a powerful email marketing tool and offers several marketing tools for market automation and personalization easy.

Logical integration for all website builders for instance, WordPress and Woo Commerce.

Sign up forms can be easily added to sites and more leads can be captured. Intelligent marketing, automation tools, visual work flow builder, smarter email segmenting etc. makes drip the best among all others. You can reach to your targeted customer by using these features to earn more sales.

Drip is used for most businesses as it enables you to connect, on personnel level relating customer to smarted eCommerce marketing automation. Drip offers several support actions e.g. live chat support, webinars automation training, free guideline and best documentation etc.

A free account for 100 subscribers is offered by Drip and after that payment of 49$ can be made which offers all features.



One of the old and most popularly used email marketing service in the world. Email marketing can be managed by a broad range of tools for small and medium sized businesses. It makes logical connections to popular platforms as WordPress as staring A Weber is easy. It allows ready to use templates, details insights of email tracking, auto responders etc.

Support options include several features as a vast library on how-tos, tutorials, live chat, phone support etc.

A 30 days free trial is available. Pricing starts from $19 each month, for annual and quarter plan you can sign up.


GetResponse is famous among beginners and small businesses as it is easy and simple to use. For creating smart automated campaigns automations tools are available.

Creating effective campaigns for boosting your profits can be made by drag and drop builder segment contact, campaigns, sending content designing for specific groups.

Get Response also make integration with third party lead generation software for instance, OptinMonster, Google Docs, Zen Desk etc.

Responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing tracking, auto-responders etc are also available with Get Response.

Support options include, live chat, email, phone etc. A 30 days free trial is available and a payment of 15$ is made for a month.




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