Tips for Vlog Beginners

Tips for Vlog Beginners

Tips for Vlog Beginners

             Tips for Vlog Beginners


People start making vlogs for different reasons, some want to make money, some want to share their knowledge and so on. Here are listed a few tips that can help in starting a vlog for beginners.


  • Watch for Trends:

The most popular vloggers on YouTube, use trends for their vlogs even before they become trends. You must be fully up to date for this and be aware of what is happening in the niche.

Make vlogs on the topics that are popular among people and use the tittle that are eye-catching. For your You Tube channel try to add latest updates in your vlogs for getting more traffic on your channel.


  • Quality Content:

There should be something interesting in your vlogs, so that viewers may find it attractive. For having a strong base of your YouTube channel your vlogs should be simple and easy. Be careful when editing sound and video etc. Quality should be focused as the most important factor.


  • Selecting a Niche:

The selection of the niche should be made wisely before starting any channel. Search for the most popular niche and select the most interesting one. It all depends on you which niche you want to use. The base of the channel should be made on the around the theme. Some people choose a vast theme, and some choose a specific topic. You can choose any of the two ways, but the result should be making your vlog rank in the top.


  • Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a very important factor that helps achieving your targeted number of viewers, for your channel. People also get information related to your channel by the comments. As a new vlogger, your channel needs a lot of additional features to get more viewers and becoming famous among people.

View blogs that are related to the topic on which you have based your channel, for instance, if you create traveling related vlogs, you should search and look for some travel related blogs that will help you in creating your own vlog.

If you want to make your vlo

g more interesting add comments on the top ranked blogs. People will follow you form there, you can add the URL of your You Tube channel, this can take a little time but proves very beneficial. Comment something genuine informative and interesting don’t comment only for the purpose of commenting to get viewers and followers.


  • Tone Of Vlogs:

One of the most important factors is creating a good relationship with your viewers. Use the tone that makes feel everyone that you are talking gently and friendly to them. Adding some fun to your vlog will make people stay on your page as they will not get bore from it. Try to be more occasional for making your followers more interested in your vlog.



  • Power Of Social Media:

Social media these days is of the most powerful medium of sharing information. One of the important tools for vloggers is social websites. No mater how useful and informative your content is, it will be useless if you have no followers, social media proves very beneficial in this case.

It takes a lot of time for having several viewers and followers on your channel. Make profile for your channel on the popular and famous social sites so that people may get attracted to you and wish to follow you. Regular updates should be made. One should be ready for facing criticism as it is also a part of it. Handle it with great respect and using polished skills.


  • Frequency and Quality:

Don’t upload vlogs after a long period of time try to be more active. People subscribe to the channels to get notifications about their new videos. Engaging and entertaining vlogs that are uploaded regularly help in getting more viewers and will add loyal and passionate fans for you.


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