Starting a Vlog Tips for beginners

Starting a vlog Tips for beginners

Starting a vlog Tips for beginners

        Starting a vlog, Tips for beginners

Making a vlog is very common these days. For having more traffic on sites people are using video content. Here are some tips and guidelines that will help you in starting a vlog.

Choosing Platform:

Video platform is a place where you can share and upload your videos, also you can insert them on the blog posts. Choosing a platform for your videos is messing with one’s head.

  • You Tube:

You Tube is one of the uncontested platforms for vlogging. It is the most popular video-sharing platform as about 72 hours of footage is uploaded every minute. A lot of rubbish and useless things are uploaded on the other hand which is a great obstacle in the way of people who are doing good work.

  • Vimeo:

In the blogging world, Vimeo is yet another platform, but it is not popular as you tube, also rubbish things are minimum here.  For constructive and creative community, it is a best option. Video school is the key feature of Vimeo that helps for the improvement of videos.

  • Veoh:

Extremely long films can be uploaded by using Veoh as it no size restrictions. If you are aspiring film maker Veoh should be your go-to platform.

Video Editors:

Countless video editing software are available. A few of them are listed are below:

  • Windows Movie Maker:

Beginners should use Windows Movie Maker as it is easy to use. Clips can be added in program by dragging and dropping them where ever you want them in your video. Sound effects, captions and credits are the special features which are easy to use. Both options are available, saving it as a video fie or directly uploading on any site for instance, Face Book, you tube etc.

  • iMovie:

Standard I Movie come with Mac product. This is also a best choice for editing videos. It is easy to use with simple features. Also, you can directly upload tour videos to social media.

  • Video Pad:

Video pad is used by people who feel Windows Movie Maker as an easiest software. Windows and Mac operating system both allow Video Pad. It has a double built-in-screen and offers timeline for both audio and video tracks. It includes a complete professional editor interface.

Technical stuff:

  • Camera:

Webcams are of best use for filming your posts. Webcam in laptops are mostly used by people who make vlogs, but external cam for instance, Logitech Pro 9000 can also be used in some cases.

  • Audio:

If you are making vlogs for your post outdoor, you should probably use Tripod, a digital camera. The quality of camera determines the quality of sound. You can also use an external microphone and plugging it in camera will surely help you in eliminating all the background voices.

  • Lighting:

Professional use lighting effects for their vlogs, mostly if they are vlogging indoors. Natural light is the best option.

Source of light should be placed behind the camera. Light laps and rigs are popularly used by professional.


After deciding all the requirements to start a vlog, the next step is to think what you will write about, for instance, personnel update, review of any product etc.

The main purpose of vlogging is showing off your skills. Take ideas from other’s vlog try to understand the things that are happening around you, what people are looking these days, what is most popular in the world.

Take inspiration and ideas from the vloggers you like, your idle.

Adding a short clip for welcoming the visitors for instance, “about” video in your side bar that includes information related to you and your posts, can be very helpful in starting vlog. “10 things about me”, “don’t read this” these types of clips can be helpful for beginners to star vlogging.

Videos are the medium through which one can express his opinions, thoughts, thinking’s. Whatever topic you choose always try to give your best and do it with your heart.

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