Tips and Techniques for Boost ranking WordPress SEO

Tips and Techniques for Boost ranking WordPress SEO

Ranking Website seo

Here are some practices and techniques that can be very useful for the best ranking of websites.

  1. Setting your Permalinks:

Permalinks are the URL’s of your website’s posts and pages. The users use them in their address bars for viewing relevant pages and reaching to your websites (In Layman’s language). Other websites and search engines also use this to link your website.

A default Permalinks setting in WordPress allow you to change them according to your needs and this setting is found in “Setting” then “Permalinks”.

The default setting should be changed to post name i.e.  /%postname% /, as it can be easily remembered for the users and search engine can easily indicate them.

  1. Creating Sitemaps:

A website consists of many pages, but for making it indexed by the Google one must tell the structure of the website to Google. Creating Google XML is very easy. Google XML is very helpful plugin offered by WordPress, for generating sitemaps of websites automatically and help search engines to index website in an improved manner.

  1. Using Google Analytics:

Google offer a popular and analytical tool called “Google Analytics” which is free to use. The traffic of websites is also managed by it. Tools for targeting the attention and focus are also offered by it, for instance Traffic source behavior.

One can perform several chores as, traffic source, combating referral spam, examination of the visitor’s behavior and locating the 404-error page.

  1. Using Optimized Themes:

An array of themes for giving a strong foundation to your website is offered by WordPress. Optimizing theme should be preferred over the good looking and eye-catching theme for search engines.

“Speed” and “Code” are the key features of SEO optimized theme. A theme that enthralling and guarantees best SEO practices, Google bot will read the source code locate the appropriate code.

Consider the following crucial factors to include:

  • Correct usage of canonical URL meta tag.
  • For improving the social media sharing, open graph meta tag incorporation.
  • Meta tittle tag and headings should be used appropriately.
  • Neat and clean structure for employing valid and proper HTML.


  1. Using SEO Plugins:

Yoast SEO plugin, All in One plugin are the plugins offered by WordPress for taking care of your website. Encouraging you to add Meta title, Meta description, Meta tags and keyword. Complete SEO solution is also offered that is available for WordPress by these plugins.

On-page SEO is enhanced by these plugins for displaying a Google search Result Snippet preview. Generating an XML sitemap is also a key feature of SEO plugins.  SEO plugins cover your website by adding Meta details to page analysis content.

  1. Optimizing Your Media:

Media is an important factor that can either wreck or make advance all your SEO efforts. SEO is determined by the method of tagging and naming your images. To get a chance of ranking your images in the higher ranked image searches, proper tagging is very helpful.

Uploading an image with a complex name has a poor effect on your SEO practice. There should be options for changing the tittles, adding small text, alt text and description in the images you want to upload on the WordPress website. This can prove much helpful for the high ranking of your website.

  1. Making Your Contents Shareable:

Social media has become very popular in the world in the last years. Web users are actively using social media as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more in a very large number. For having tremendous traffic on your site, make your content shareable so that the visitors can share it any where on the social network.

Website’s credibility is improved by adding a sharing button on your website. Techie Nize did this same thing as a result saw a boost 20 % in its traffic

  1. Correct usage Of Links And Anchor Tags:

Interlinking your posts and contents improves and stimulate your SEO practice. Don’t link for just the purpose of linking, add links where it is necessary and add only relevant links.  Anchor text was considered as one of the most easy and simplest way to assimilate the relevancy of any site.

The utilized use of anchor text is noticed by Google, as it can be ruined. Creating an anchor text has some dos and don’ts.


  1. Producing High Quality Of Written Contents:

High quality, user engaging content is used for high search rankings. Quality content is required when you are blogging or running a website. Quality content post is that appeals to readers, free of grammatical errors sand peeling mistakes.

High quality content is:

  • Unique:

Google hates stealing contents and punishes them who do this. Using quote with its source is allowed. Writing on the same topic is allowed though but stealing the whole content and posts is strictly not allowed. Write in your words, just take the idea and hint from other’s blogs and posts and frame it in your contents and wording.

  • Shareable:

Write posts that can be shared by the readers and followers. Web users love to share personnel, funny type of stories.

  • Informative, actionable:

The key feature of successful SEO is offering the people what they are looking for, for instance Tutorials, informative lists posts and how to posts are of great help in this matter.


  1. Using Head Tags Correctly:

Correct usage of heading tags is very important for good SEO practice. 1 to 6 headings are allowed in editors.

For the tittle of the post one should use H1 heading as the tittle must be clear and readable. The tittle should speak what the content is all about so that the reader intends to read the whole content.

H2 is used for additional headings, H3 and H4 for sub-headings.

Using headings captures the attention of the visitors and make them interested in reading your content.


  1. Hosting:

Google ranks site based on the page speed in 2016 and beyond. Reliable and good hosting should be done apart from using SEO techniques. Using hosting with SSD drivers helps in ranking higher among other competitors. Bluehost, HostGator use traditional drivers, on the other hand Fast comet hosting come with SSD drivers.


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